Programs and research funded in 2012

Liptember is thrilled to announce that with the funds raised over the 2012 campaign, we were able to fund the following programs and research: Appliance repair near me schedule service Appliance repair.

Centre for Women's Mental Health

In 2012 the funds raised from the Liptember campaign allowed the Centre for Women’s Mental Health (CWMH) to fund a vital project.

A major focus of the Centre's clinical and research activity is with women with breast or gynaecological cancer. Cancer is commonly associated with psychological distress in the form of depression and anxiety, which in turn, makes coping with cancer more challenging. The Centre's research is trialling new ways of detecting and treating mental health problems in women after a diagnosis of cancer as well as novel approaches to improving mental health, wellbeing and quality of life in cancer survivors.

The project is titled, Psychological outcomes of women at high risk of breast and/or ovarian cancer without access to personal genetic testing. Currently the CWMH are part way through the project- all data has been collected and has been entered for data analysis.

The project investigated the psychological experience of women considered to be at high risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer who do not have access to a personal BRCA test.

The CWMH were interested in establishing levels of psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression, worry about developing cancer, in female patients as well as knowledge and perception of the personal risk of developing cancer, cancer-related health practices (such as smoking) and reproductive choices (such as electing not to have children).

The study looked at these behaviours and they will form the content of genetic counselling intervention at the CWMH.


The funds raised from Liptember have enabled Lifeline to build capacity of it's online counselling service. Now allowing the service to operate from Sunday-Saturday 8pm to midnight (EST).

Trial statistics have demonstrated we are reaching new markets, a younger demographic that are at high risk of suicide living in regional & remote areas, whereby access to crisis support is limited.

Funds raised through the campaign last year, enabled Lifeline to connect with almost 500 additional help seekers online. We know that of those 500 contacts

  • 410 were female
  • Almost half of these help seekers were 'thinking about suicide'
  • Mental health is the main reason they contacted this service
  • Almost 60% are under the age of 24