2010 Wrap up

2010 was Liptember’s very first campaign, helping raise over $55,000 to support national programs at the Women’s Centre for Mental Health.

In 2010 Liptember was able to achieve the following:

  • Over $55,000 raised
  • Money raised will be used to support programs run by the beneficiary Royal Women’s Hospital.
  • In 2010 funds were allocated to the Women’s Centre for Mental Health, the first gender specific mental health clinic in Australia.
  • 8 times more successful than Movember in first year.
  • Official Liptember Lip Shimmer produced by Burt’s Bees Australia with 100% natural products.
  • Official Liptember Lip Shimmer sold in Priceline stores nation wide.
  • Official Liptember iPhone App.
  • 3,500 fans on Facebook -94% female -75% aged between 18 and 34
  • Liptember Ambassadors -Kelly Landry (Channel 9 Presenter) -Lydia Lassila (Olympic Gold medallist) -Molly Meldrum (Australian music icon) -Alyse Co’Cliff (International model)
  • National media coverage.
  • 30+ participants in ‘Amazing Liptember Twitter Race’.
  • Major strategic partnerships formed.
  • Over 150 people attended inaugural campaign launch.
  • Engaging ‘Leave Your Lips’ competition.

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